Sexiest Man Alive

Who am I?

How do I sum myself up in a couple of sentences? Honestly I can't do it and if you know me then you know how accurate that statement is. 


I fell in love with the power of storytelling early in life. I believe story is what drives us to do the things we do, and well...everyone has a story. 

Stories come in all mediums. Although there are many ways to tell a story the one constant about them is that they bring people together.

I want to bring people together. 


I work as an actor & comedian, producer, and yes a photographer too.


As an actor I know how important it is to present yourself professionally. Getting in the room starts with a great headshot that showcases everything about you while at the same time conveying whom you are capable of becoming.

As a headshot photographer my goal is help tell your story. I want to showcase your professionalism in a way that keeps you walking through the doors of every casting director in town, time and time again.

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